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Welcome to #IcqAdultfucking Web This IRC channel is provided to you for a place you can come and have fun let your hair down so to speak.



#ICQAdultfucking is a 24 hour party place for adults to meet and have Fun! So come on in and meet some of the most interesting and fun people on IRC...make some new friends.. and maybe even find the love you've been looking for. Anyone harassing others just for the hell of it will not be tolerated. The Op reserves the right to kick and ban users who are causing problems, at the Ops discretion. Check out the rest of this site for info on how to use IRC, as well as some other helpful hints!


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@Iamgregory  @Iamgreg  @Ladybug  @Kimmy @Sweet-n-Sticky @Eddie @shauna @Thrasher @evil_one 
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General Information: icqadultf@hotmail.com
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